LNLA Quarterly Newsletters

Live Auction at GSHE

This year LNLA will be auctioning off the 4 cover pages of the LNLA quarterly newsletters. Please come to the LNLA Hospitality Hour Thursday, January 31st at 5PM. The bidding will start at 6.

Each cover (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) will be bid on individually and the bidding will start on each at $500. Each issue reaches over 1200 readers in print and emails and will be archived on lnla.org

Only one cover can be purchased by a company and it’s counterparts.

Cover photos submitted by each winner must be a plant related photo (not an ad). Several photos may need to be submitted. Each winner will work with Cari Jane on photo selection and deadlines.

Each winner will also have a half page cover story to accompany cover photo answering the following questions:
- How did you get your start?
- What has been your greatest successes?
- Where will the future take you and your business?
Come prepared to make your bid to support LNLA!

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FALL 2018


SPRING 2018