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Membership Levels and Fees (before applying for membership read these options below to select which category fits you and your business)

Regular Members

Any corporation, partnership, firm or person engaged in any facet of the green industry or other related business with a definite address and appropriate facilities having further been actively engaged in the nursery and landscape business in a reputable, trustworthy and ethical manner.  Both categories of Regular Members are voting members.

Annual Gross Sales Dues
Regular B Membership = $0 - $249,999 $200.00 
Regular A Membership = $250,000 - Above $250.00


Associate Members- $150.00
(1) Reputable persons, firms, or corporations within the state of Louisiana engaged in the supplying of accessories incidental to the nursery and landscape business. OR (2) Associate members (outside Louisiana) shall be reputable persons, firms, or corporations outside the state of Louisiana actively engaged in the growing and selling of nursery stock or supplying of accessories incidental to the nursery and landscape business.  This is a non-voting membership.

Affiliate MembersPlease email [email protected] to become an affiliate member.
A person or persons employed in any capacity in any nursery or landscape industry or establishment, or allied industry shall be eligible for an affiliate membership.  Non-voting membership. Newsletters are emailed only.

Student Members - Please email [email protected] to become a student member.
Any student actively enrolled on a full-time basis in a Louisiana university and majoring in horticulture or a closely allied field. Non-voting membership.  Newsletters are emailed only.

Governmental Agency/EducationalPlease email [email protected] to become a government agency/educational member.
Any person actively employed by a governmental agency or educational institution and having a job responsibility in horticulture or a closely allied field.  Non-voting membership.  Newsletters are emailed only.

Retiree MembersPlease email [email protected] to become a retired member.
Any person formerly employed in horticulture or closely related field and having been a paid member of LNLA before retirement from that employment.  Non-voting membership.  Newsletters are emailed only.


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Simply click here and become an LNLA member today!